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One of the fastest ways to get strong roots is "slow and low." We can help thanks to one of our fabulous customers that shared this tip with us. Our bucket kit with a shut off valve frees up a lot of time from deep root watering.

Kit Descriptions

Component Pieces

Garden Hose Connector

Garden Hose Bulkhead Adapter $8.95

Used to attach the Bucket Ape's discharge hose to the five gallon bucket. Requires a bucket with a 1.5" diameter hole cut about 2" from the bottom of the bucket. Supplied with EPDM gaskets.

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Bucket with Garden Hose Adapter already mounted

Five Gallon Bucket with the garden hose adapter already mounted. $17.90

Excellent for water extraction, watering your flowers slowly, hauling water to a construction site in the bed of a truck, and other general purposes.

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