"[The Bucket Ape] is perfect for the Do It Yourselfer" - Art WV

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Can the Bucket Ape actually be green?

Most people are shocked to find the Bucket Ape can actually use less water than traditional cleaning.  How can something that runs continuously save water??? 

The answer is performance, specifically speed and efficiency!  Bucket Ape's flow rate varies with your work speed, the faster you work, the faster it works.  As the work is done faster, the less water that is consumed.  More than one person can even work out of the same Bucket Ape resulting in significant savings, not so with traditional cleaning methods.  If you have more people working out of a traditional cleaning method, the water just gets dirtier that much faster.  (For example 2 people with one bucket, you're still going to clean the same amount of square footage before the water needs changing)  But as you have more people work out of a Bucket Ape, you simply increase the flow rate and the work gets done quicker.


Let's compare Bucket Ape against traditional cleaning for 400 sq ft.


  • Traditional cleaning - (data directly from grout manufacturers)
    • 40 gallons for the First Wash
    • 40 gallons for the Final Wash
    • Total of 80 gallons used to clean 400 sq ft.
    • If you have two people cleaning, they each use 40 gallons cleaning 200 sq ft, the water consumption remains the same regardless of the number of cleaners.  The only advantage is time, not water consumption.


  • Bucket Ape cleaning
    • With Bucket Ape, you get both time savings and water savings.
    • As you add cleaners, you increase the water flow, but the decrease in cleaning time more than offsets the water consumption.
# of People Cleaning Flow Rate (gpm) Cleaning Time (minutes) Total Gallons Used
1 1.5 gpm 56 minutes 84 gallons (about the same)
2 2 28 56 (30% Savings)
3 2.5 19 47 (42% Savings)

Note - While Bucket Ape is designed to run at 6 gallons per minute, it is not recommended to use it at that speed. 

It was only designed to handle that amount to prevent potential overflows.


But being "Green" means more than just saving water!  Our Eco-Friendly packaging - if you order from our website, expect nothing to throw out but a compostable shipping box, there are no product labels, peanuts, or extraneous items to toss - just a small set of instructions that can go with the shipping box to the compost pile.  Re-use of common items that most people already have on hand: a standard five gallon bucket, a garden hose to supply fresh water, and another garden hose to drain dirty water outside.  Our philsophy is re-use products that are already available.  Bucket Ape breathes new life into these existing items that otherwise end up in the landfill.


Bucket Ape's design makes grout cleanup faster than anything comparable on the market, but another driving factor was to minimize the use of resources and maximize the reuse of existing products. We are very proud of our resulting scorecard.

Bucket Ape

Grout Carts
1 lb of Plastic to produce 8 - 18 lbs to produce
Reuses existing products, keeping them out of the landfill Contributes to the landfill problem
Designed for multiple uses (grout, tile, painting, drywall, small parts washer, etc) Single use
Water usage reduced through speed of cleaning Inefficient water usage